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cuisines | Pappy's Caterers

Chinese food

Hakka Noodles
Burnt Garlic Noodles
Szechwan Fried Rice
Paneer Baby Corn
Crispy Baby Corn & Paneer In Hot Sauce
Paneer Szechwan
Chilli Baby Corn
Veg. Spring Roll
Chow. Chow Stir Vegetable
Vegetable In Hunan Sauce
Stir-Fired Baby Corn
Broccoli & Bamboo Shoots
Honey Fried Cauliflowers
American Chopsuey
Longlife Flat Noodles
Fried Rice/Ginger Fried Rice
Chilli Paneer
With Spinach Almonds
Vegetable Manchurian
Honeyed Szechwan Paneer with Sesame
Mandarian Ginger Paneer
Chinese Cigar
Honey Lotus Steam
Honey Lotus Steam
Sweet & Sour Crisp Vegetable
Chilli Potato Dry
In Light Soy & Honey
Stir Fried Mushrooms
Honey Chilli Potato

Thai food

Thai Curries (Red/Yellow/Green/With Steamed Rice)
Thai Crispy Spring Roll
Lohan Vegetable
Spicy Thai Noodles
Crispy Cottage Cheese Stick
Stuffed Wonton In Hoisin Sauce
Vegetable Hot Thai Roll
Thai Crispy Spring Roll
Stewed Tofu Balls With Coriander
Bangkok Stir- Fried Rice With Crackling Spinach
Stir Mushrooms With Tofu
Wok Fried Japanese Greens (With Rice & Flat Noodles)
Cold Thai Roll


Quwso Fundido
Huevos Rancheros
Mexican pan
Mexican Pasta
Mexican Wrap
Mexican rice(baked)
Fagitas {Vegitable}
Hochos Del Galan
Mexican Casserole
Mexican Fajita

Bar Be Que

Veg. Seekh
Haryali Seekh
Bharva Aloo
Paneer Tikka
Malai Tikka
Stuffed Mushroom
Exotic Vegetables In Mixed Herbs
Achari Gobhi
Different Type of Fruits & Vegetables Tomato/Capsicum/Onion/Broccoli
Sira Veg
Soya Chaap
Orange Tikka
Strawberry Tikka

Baked Dish

Baked Lasagna
Mexican Trio
Spinach & Corn Baked
Spinach Roulade
Baked Imperial
Vegetable Cannelloni
Baked Macroni Pineapple
Baked Florentine
Burmese Spaghetti
Tomato Clamart
Baked Napolitan
Baked Corn, Chilli
Cheese Cannelloni

Italian food

Baked Jacket Potato (Garlic Butter, Maitre D'hotel Butter, Noisette Butter)
Pizza Bar (Varieties of Pizzas)
Exotic Fruit Risot
Crostini Assortite (Mix Of Different Garnished Crostini)
PIZZA: Pizza Romano (Pizza With Tomato & Jalapeno Peppers)
PASTAS : (Herbs Fettuccini/Penne Rigate) (Fusilli/Farfalle Tri Colour)
Baby Potato Coated With Pesto & Parmesan
Risotto Rassa
SAUCES: (Arrabbiata/Cheese & Cream/ Olio Peperoncino/Basil & Walnut Pesto
Margherita (Pizza Topped With Olive & Basil)
Garlic Bread (Baked With Garlic & Butters & Parsley)
Assorted Mushroom Risotto
Three Cheese Lasagna
Potatoes & Spinach Gnocchi
Vegetable Moussaka
Risotto Bianca
Italian Verdura Con Risotto

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